Why You Should Adopt Data Visualization – 8 Really Good Reasons

by admin on May 28, 2011

Why You Should Adopt Data Visualization – 8 Really Good Reasons

Why You Should Adopt Data Visualization – 8 Really Good Reasons

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Home Page > Computers > Software > Why You Should Adopt Data Visualization – 8 Really Good Reasons

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Why You Should Adopt Data Visualization – 8 Really Good Reasons

By: Neelam
Posted: Dec 09, 2009

First of all, let me clear about the term “Data Visualization a.k.a Information Visualization”. Data Visualization (DV) is the process of visual explanation of complex data in very simple way using graphics, bar charts, animations, 3D displays, etc. In this article I am trying to write some good reasons why you should adopt DV.

1. Bar Charts or Graphs

Bar Chart is one of examples of many visual tools. It can be used to convey your gather complex information in simplest way. Bar graphs, bar charts, pie charts, graphs, etc are common methods of presenting information of various kinds in the most effective way. Bar Chart is one of the simple ways to present to information effectively which can understand everyone from children to adults.

2. Information Interactive Maps

It is the next level of bar char. Using interactive map you can present information on various levels simply clicking on the particular part of the map which one may wish for more information. This tool is very popular tool used by many government and business programs.

3. Information Reporting Tools

Bar charts and interactive maps are excellent example of reporting tools. By using these tools you can prepare effective reporting for your business presentations. You can present information in a helpful and meaningful way.

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4. Convert HTML to PDF or PDF to HTML
In the past converging HTML information to PDF information or PDF information to HTML was an annoying task. But today by using data visualization tools or software, you can convert HTML to PDF or PDF to HTML and display them conveniently during your presentations.

5. Data or Information Mapping

Data Mapping is a very helpful tool and a kind of visualizing data tool. You can effectively convey your research information, geographical data and other information using data mapping tool. This tool help presenter to make important information clear and logical.

6. Business or Corporate Mapping

DV tools also help in business mapping. It helps in displaying clear information of your visual diagrams of business. By using this tool you can visualize your business mapping on computer screen.

7. Administrative Dashboard or Control Panel

Since information can be displayed effectively using DV tools, but the information still should be still managed by some means. DV tool is incomplete without administrative control panel also called executive dashboard. By using administrative control panel, you can manage your data or information in simple way.

8. Flash Graphs

Flash graphs are integral part of data analysis software or DV tools. Using flash technology, you can convey information in a very impressive and effective way. Flash charts, flash graphs, flash maps, etc are very essential to make your information visualization more and more effective.

Today many programs and organizations through out the world are adopting these data visualization tools & software and data analysis software to serve the need of people looking for information that is simple and easy to understand. You can present complex information at a new level of simplicity using these effective data visualizing tools.

Neelam – About the Author:

For more information about data visualization software, information visualization and fast data analysis tools visit the website www.panopticon.com. The website provides complete information about data visualizing data and data analysis tools as well as demo gallery. Panopticon offers visualizing tools that support effective visual monitoring and fast analysis of information obtaining from data gathered.

Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/software-articles/why-you-should-adopt-data-visualization-8-really-good-reasons-1559909.html

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