What to Look for in CMMS Maintenance Management Software

by admin on June 19, 2011

What to Look for in CMMS Maintenance Management Software

Not all CMMS software is created equal. Getting the most out of your maintenance management means using software that’s well designed to encourage organization and communication. In the end, you need to not only see the data, but communicate it to the right channels so that solutions can be found to any potential problems. A good system not only clearly identifies data, but is easy enough to use that workers can implement it at all levels. Let’s take a look a few needed parameters in any CMMS package.

Clear Graphs
Issues involved in maintenance management can naturally get complicated and be very abstract, but it’s important to have a package that delivers the data in a medium that’s understandable. The best way is through charts and graphs that allow you to see the information, allowing for easy scanning and deciphering. Full color graphs work best. The data may be complicated, but the software should deliver it as simply as possible.

Remote Support
Check with your maintenance management provider for remote services. CMMS software is easy to use, but some small problems may develop. It’s important that your provider be able to work from their location, either online or through phone access, so that bumps in the road may be smoothed without an actual in-person service call. Most problems can be taken care of quickly, finding a solution in just a couple of minutes.

Data Conversion
It’s also important to work with a CMMS management system that easily converts data so that its comparable. Chances are before you implement the system, you already have a considerable amount of data to work with. Your maintenance management software should be able to take the old data and merge it with the new, so you don’t have to go back and re-invent the company wheel, so to speak.

Simple Training
Remember your CMMS software only works when your employees use it. It’s important that the software be user friendly, but that you also get on hand support in training the employees to use it. There are often easy to use tricks that, once you understand what they are, make the system much more valuable and efficient. It’s also important that the training be customized so that the system can be equipped to handle problems that are unique to the company. No two companies share the same challenges in maintenance management, so each system should be best optimized for the needs of the company.

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