Using Avidian for Your Sales Software Management

by admin on August 5, 2011

Using Avidian for Your Sales Software Management

Sales software manage is one of the most powerful tools available to companies today.  By using an effective and powerful program you can increase the productivity of your sales force, thereby increasing the profit your company brings in: simple math, simple concept but a not so simple thing to execute. There are many sales software management tools out there, but there is not a single sales software management tool that has the power of Prophet from Avidian.  Prophet is one of the single most powerful sales software management tools you can get.

Why Prophet for My Sales Software Management Program?

There are several features within the Prophet sales software management program that make it the choice for professional organizations everywhere.  The first is the Sales Dashboard.  This screen will provide you a quick snapshot of what is going on with your business.  It is a completely customizable module in the sales software management program that allows you to take a ten thousand foot look at what is going on with your sales team quickly and easily.  In addition to allowing managers to see, this portion of the sales software management is also accessible by your employees as well.  Employees will know exactly where they stand with this sales software management tool as they can log in and check there current metrics against other employees and baselines as well.

In addition the Prophet sales software management suite can keep track and aggregate all of your tasks, appointments and notes for each client and account.  In addition to doing this the sales management software can link all of this through to your Outlook program.  Unlike other clunky and foreign sales software management programs, Prophet ties everything together through familiar software so you are not losing countless months training your employees on a new program.  This integration with Outlook is key to keeping your employees on task.

You can also use this sales software management to create quotes that you can send to your customers.  These quotes will carry your custom letter head and corporate information so you can guarantee a professional and authentic appearance.  In addition the sales software management will coordinate this with your outlook so you again can use one tool for all your work.  The sales software management is smart enough to take this quote and link it with the account and all the other activities associated with that account so that you can keep and up to date and accurate record of all communications with your clients.  This quote is completely exportable to Excel for easy editing.  In addition the sales software management suite will let you adjust each quote to a client’s exacting specifications.

The next thing the sales software management suite can do for you is compile any and all of the above information into an easy to read report that managers can use to keep track of their employees, or that sales people can use to track their progress.  The sales management software will compile all of this information into diverse and easy to read charts and graphs that once configured properly can be emailed and checked online.  The sales software management will quickly and easily load these graphs and programs so that you do not waste time with significant man hours waiting for the process to complete.  Some sales software management programs will only hinder your sales team; it is Prophet’s goal to release them from the chains of inefficient software and outdated practices.

The Prophet software has features in it that allow it to automatically be updated whenever a new release is available.  Sales software management program suites will frequently need to be updated as new patches, drivers and other updates come out for operating systems and the other programs that it integrates with.  It is reassuring to know that your sales software management program is on top of these updates and will update itself without any intervention by you or you IT team.

The sales software management program will also integrate and bring over all of your current contacts from Outlook, so if you are currently using this program you can quickly and easily make the switch to Prophet.

There is not a better sales software management program that you can get today.  There is bad sales software management, and then there is Prophet sales software management.


Author Bio: James Wong is the co-founder and CEO of Avidian Technologies, makers of Prophet, the easiest  Sales Software Management Program for Outlook. For more information about Avidian, visit

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