The Benefits of Data Analytics in India

by admin on March 19, 2011

The Benefits of Data Analytics in India

Data Analytics is defined as the process of looking at and summarizing data with the intent to extract hidden predictive information and develop conclusions from the data and using it for making strategic decisions and operational policies. Data analytics in India is extensively used in Banking and Financial sectors. It is used in many industries to allow companies and organization to make better business decisions and in the sciences to verify or disprove existing models or theories.

Data analytics is used to describe online analytical processing (OLAP) and also CRM analytics in call centers.

What methodologies do you incorporate for market research in Delhi?

1.>Government Publications

2.>General Press

3.>Industry Journals

4.>Trade Associations

5.>Public Company SEC Filings

6.>Investment Brokerages and Information Services

7.>Newsgroups and UseNet

Future for financial research market in India

Financial Research is going to have a very bright future as many international companies start outsourcing, and starting KPOs in India, the need for people with equity research and other analytical capabilities are going to be manifold.

Role of social research India

Indian economic development is directly proportional to social development and which would require focus on the infrastructure strategy for social research India. Social Research in India undertakes economic analysis, environmental valuation, political and institutional analysis, integrated environmental-economic modeling, risk analysis, multi-stakeholder mediations techniques, life cycle assessment, and geographical information systems.


Online research services India

Research services in India include:

1.>Internet Search, Product Research, Market Research, Survey, data Analysis.

2.>Web and Mailing list research.

3.>Web research with Data Entry into any format.

4.>Web market search and online Form Entry and web-to-web entry.

5.>Mass Creation of Free Web site Account.

6.>Web Search with Listing.

7.>Online market research and create a Database into Microsoft Office.

8.>Education and Business web research.

Market research agency

The best thing in Online market research is that market research agency provides survey

programming, data processing & analysis, writing research reports & presentations, advanced data analysis & CATI services etc. Sampling research is an internet-centric market research company in India, specialized in knowledge-based online market research Outsourcing services as well as online panel management in India. We provide comprehensive Industrial & Business Research, Financial Research, Social Research and Analytics services to government organizations, NGOs, corporate houses and market research providers across the globe.


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