Resource Planning and Scheduling Software for Improving Resource Usage and Efficiency

by admin on April 7, 2011

Resource Planning and Scheduling Software for Improving Resource Usage and Efficiency

Any improvement in resource usage and efficiency adds directly to the bottom line of the organisation. Achieving it using conventional spreadsheet is cumbersome and inefficient. It requires dedicated resource planning and scheduling software, which is specially designed for this purpose and easy to use. In current business dynamics, resource planning and scheduling software is not only expected to identify and schedule right resource to the right job but is also required to ensure optimum utilisation of resources, forecast resource shortfall or excess, balance work load across the organisation, track actual resource usage etc. To improve resource usage and efficiency, following are crucial for resource planning and scheduling software

Create enterprise wide visibility of resource capability in terms of skill, role, availability etc.
Identify and allocate the right resource for the right job at the right time
Measure and track resource utilisation across the organisation and balance work load
Accurately forecast requirements to hire right number of resources at right time


So SAVIOM has launched resource planning software, which is designed from scratch to meet challenges of currently fast changing business dynamics. This software is currently helping companies around the world to improve usage and efficiency of scarce human resources and also other types of resources.

The SAVIOM Resource Planner helps you in identifying the right resource at click of button from a big pool of resources, which may be distributed across different departments, teams, offices, cities, and countries. Right resources can be searched immediately based on skill, training, role, availability and so forth. With network based multiuser centralised database, SAVIOM can get you such information at click of a button. This software provides a visual scheduler, the use of which enables one to easily allocate the resource to the project/job, modify the allocation, or reallocate to another person with help of simple drag and drop. This is crucial especially when the planner/scheduler is dealing with large pool of resources across the organisation with dynamically changing bookings.

Utilisation of resources needs to be up-to-date and readily available, so that right judgement can be made about appropriate allocation of resources. Based on utilisation, SAVIOM Resource Planner can accurately forecast excess and shortfall of specific types of resources based on skill, role, department, team, location and so forth. This is crucial for hiring the right number of resources with the right capability at the right time and to retrain the current workforce. This improves match between the supply of type of resources against fast changing demand of type of resources.

SAVIOM Resource Planner provides various readily available management reports and graphs to analyse resource usage, availability, capacity, demand, and so forth. This is crucial for making the right management decision as per changing business dynamics. These reports are configurable, printable and exportable to excel and pdf.

SAVIOM Resource Planning and Scheduling Software is current market leader in providing such software. This software is quite powerful, affordable and easy to use. More details about this software are available on Saviom web site

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