Reporting for Visual Studio Using ASP.NET Web Forms

by admin on September 4, 2011

Reporting for Visual Studio Using ASP.NET Web Forms


When creating reports, it is important that you are able to obtain all the necessary pieces of information that you need so as to have an effective report. Most developers understand that there is a call for learning about reporting for Visual Studio. When making reports for a new client, there are different methods that you can use in order for you to take advantage of drill down feature of reporting for Visual Studio. One of the things that you have to learn about is how you can hide and unhide certain parts of your reports based upon your choice. You can use a Visual Studio report designer or you can choose to utilize the web forms from ASP.NET.

If you are developer at a certain company, you will most likely have the task to develop a product drill down report by category. Initially, your target is that the report should only display the product categories as well as the total number of products that are associated with every category there. Take note that this type of report is a typical report that is often requested by different departments in each organization. The advantage here is that this empowers the user to view only the required information specified by the user from the output. This is comparable to a tree view structure wherein you can hide or unhide a tree node by means of clicking on the plus or the minus sign.

If you decide that you will use reporting for Visual Studio through an web form and this is in drill down form, you will only have to work with Excel. This means that you will not be able to use PDF because this is a feature that is not supported by it. Otherwise, the output will be the last state of the report that you have made for the PDF file whether it is collapsed or expanded. To start off, you will have to get the web site prepared first. When this is ready, you can now begin with the reporting for Visual Studio crating process.

You will commence this through creating a data table. When it is done, you can now design the report layout. Do not worry here because this is not really a daunting task even though it might look like one. You will only have to know how you will be able to add a number of data groups along with the activity of setting some properties of the report layout. Other things that you have to know are how to add a header, setting up the page, page header designing and body section designing.

The last step is to write the code, which can be in C#. Make sure that you connect it to the database and implement the query so that you will be able to gather the data that you need. Once the data collection is completed inside the dataset, you can bind it to the report. You can use a report viewer so that you can view the report output.

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