Qualities of a Good Report Designer in Visual Studio

by admin on June 17, 2011

Qualities of a Good Report Designer in Visual Studio

In order for you to create reports in Visual Studio that are effective and appealing to the eyes of the viewers, you should make use of a report designer in Visual Studio. There are actually a lot of good ones out there but of course there are more software applications that are not that useful. This is why you should be able to find a designer that will assist you in making your Visual Studio reports appealing and easy to understand at the same time.

The report designer in Visual Studio should contain a collection of graphical query as well as the right design tools that can be used within the Visual Studio environment. This means that there are no limits when it comes to the versions of the application. In this case, such report designer in Visual Studio is compatible no matter if you are using the old or the newest version of the application. Aside from that, you should look for a report designer in Visual Studio that offers report data feature which is intended to help you in organizing the pieces of information that you will be using for your report. You can design and then get the preview of the structure that you have made so that you can verify and confirm the appearance of the reports that you have created. This is great for the interactive users who would like to make sure that they can guarantee each and every component in their report.

A good report designer in Visual Studio should also be able to provide you particularly the query designers with the assistance that they need. They will be able to specify the data that they need to retrieve from the data source. There should also be dialog boxes that can aid in defining the report that will be used during the creation of the report layout. With your report designer in Visual Studio, you can easily perform four of the most important procedures in creating the reports which are for query design, connecting to the report data, report expressions and the process of designing the report layout.

You can easily integrate the report designer into the Visual Studio development environment. One of the things that you need to always remember is that the report designer in Visual Studio should have controls that you can manage and handle. This way, it will not be hard for you to manipulate the report data and design the reports using the tool. Most of the designers will only require you to open the software application and then right after that you will be able to create a new project template. You can also choose to open any existing project template that you would like to work on. Once you select the project that you would like to utilize, the report designer in Visual Studio will now open. From here, you will be able to view the window for the designer and there are graphical tools that appear. You can exploit them if you would like to do so in order for your project to be built engaging to the viewers.

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