Open Graph Policy

by admin on April 28, 2011

Open Graph Policy

Other software and application development and support companies such as IT Semantics are looking into this social graph improving tool. An example of the Open Graph platform would be how you can go onto (internet movie database), select a movie from the database and then click the “like” button next to a movie’s title to show that you support the movie. The same concept can also apply to songs, restaurants, and television shows that you enjoy.

The Open Graph Protocol provides a way for developers to integrate content with Facebook’s social graph. The Graph API is the next generation of the Facebook API, and it is aimed at providing access to various parts of Facebook’s social graph data.

Facebook is using the platform to show that Facebook is not the only item that identifies you as a person, now you can use the entire Internet to identify yourself as different from anyone else. Either way, user accountability is what will determine the security of one’s information located on Facebook. A lot more information is going to become accessible to the public with Open Graph. This new social tool will require more user responsibility.

Many other websites other than Facebook also use this type of platform to determine what people have been taking a liking to lately. Pandora, the internet radio website, has been mapping out parts of the graph that have connections with music.  Another website called Yelp, which currently deals with reviews of small businesses, has been mapping out the part of the internet that has to do with small businesses. IT Semantics also caters as a consultant to businesses which are looking to tread into this application field.

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