New Age Software is the solution to Resource Management Problems

by admin on September 8, 2011

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New Age Software is the solution to Resource Management Problems

Will live in the era of touch screens and iphones, where most things we need in our lives have an automated alternative. As a result, the world of resource planning has also noted a trend in companies leaving behind prehistoric processes of using spreadsheets and documents to schedule their employees, and adopt powerful, sophisticated software that automates their job, so they can complete it in a fraction of the time.

One of the most frustrating things for resource planners and managers is the sheer amount of effort that goes into organising their employees. Resource planners have to schedule and allocate employees and other resources to various jobs. They also need to calculate costs and revenues for their resources, and all that whilst also accounting for each individual’s skills, preferences and availability. This becomes especially challenging when resource managers have to produce reports for senior management which require accumulating, processing and presenting large amounts of data in a way that is intuitive and easy to understand. As one can imagine, this becomes a difficult, inaccurate and slow process – not to mention the fact that it places a large amount of pressure on the resource manager.

Despite all this, it is surprising to see how dependent companies still are on excel spreadsheets, word documents and email to do such work. In a world where efficiency is one of the top priorities of an organisation, using resource planning software is a must. One such software is SAVIOM Resource Management Software.

SAVIOM is an intelligent program that enables the user to easily schedule their human and non human resources, and also allows for powerful analysis of all the companies resources through a few clicks of the button. Some of its highlights are outlined below, which include firstly the ease with which reliable reports can be produced, secondly its intuitive design and thirdly the simplicity with which resources can be scheduled.

Saviom produces reliable reports with ease and speed
– Reports include utilisation reports, availability reports, cost vs actual reports and capacity vs demand reports.
– Reports are produced with a click of a button as the software captures all of the data in real time and analyses it instantaneously.
– Reports provide a graphical analysis of the resources that gives a valuable snapshot of the organisation.
– Users can zoom in and out of the reports in order to understand the report both in detail and with a bird’s eye view depending on what they need.

Saviom is designed with intelligence and intuition
– Saviom is tailored to suit each specific company, based on the way they manage their resources and do business. This is critical because out of the box resources management solutions are rigid and will force a company to change the way they do business which ends up in the company not using the software.
– Saviom has defined user portals for different users based on their role in the organisations. Portals can include junior staff, senior staff, resource managers, executive managers, where each user has different levels of access and functions that are appropriate according to their role.
– Saviom can be logged into from anywhere in the world, so no matter whether your business is local, global or roaming it can work for anyone.

Saviom saves the time and stress involved in resource scheduling
– The role of this tool is to automate resource management processes hence slashing the time involved.
– It captures and tracks all the data in real time, which then documents the history of all the information in regards to resource management, and enables transparency as it is all documented via the system.
– Saviom has a fun drag and drop functionality that makes it easy to schedule resources, and can colour code resource schedules based on clients, types of jobs etc.

Hence, SAVIOM Resource Management Software is great easy to use software. It has visually stimulating screens and powerful drag and drop functionalities that makes staff bookings an easy and enjoyable task, bringing resource management into the twenty first century of automation and efficiency.

visualization software

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