Market Research and Data Analytics -india

by admin on March 27, 2011

Market Research and Data Analytics -india

Initially we only cared about the overall win/loss record. But as time progressed we realized we could use the data we had collected as a basis for optimal market research. India is developing at rapid pace and in this fast changing scenario. According to market research -India is becoming a major center of information technology. India’s software and web development market is booming and gaining its attention for offering excellent offshore web outsourcing services. Today the world is viewing India as the next major hub of world-class web solutions to improve and increase their online businesses profit to a large extent. Effective data analytics that is management of data is necessary to have current information on every aspect of market research activities.

What is Market Research?

Market research is systematic gathering, evaluation and analysis of data relating to sale and distribution of financial products and services regarding consumers’ preferences. In marketing process, Research services India provides an approximate analysis of market demand either for a new product, or for existing products, as well as appropriate methods of distributing those product.

Market Research Company India

An extensive Market Research Indian company like ours collects all the queries of the marketers, providing market Research Agency with the required information’s for a smooth journey through the phases of the process of marketing. Data analytics Indian services provide an accurate and quality research output by being totally reliable & providing competitively superior analysis that require rapid, time-certain and cost effective delivery.

Major market research agency includes areas Researches in business to business(B2B), business to consumer(b2c), industrial research, social research, media research, channel and retail research, product and packaging research, brand research, corporate and employee research, pricing research and business-specialized consumer research.

What an expert says?

Experts of the market research industry feel that the future and scope of outsourcing various software or web development services is bright and India is definitely one of the emerging names that rank high in IT and web service sector.

Primary market research information is gathered through direct mail, telemarketing, and personal interviews. Secondary information can be compiled and organized by a source. Secondary information generally tracks trends within a market, an industry, a demographic group, or a geographic region. Sources of secondary market research information include government reports, trade association records, newspaper and magazine surveys, university-sponsored research, local chamber of commerce records, on-line services, and competitors’ annual reports.

Data analytics Indian financial Research step by step solution:

1. Prepare to Collect Data

2. Collect the Data

3. Validate, Enter & Store Data

4. Extract & Transfer Data

5. Cleanse & Transform Data

6. Analyze, Interpret Data

7. Certify & Advise Consequences

8. Final action

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