Interactive Flash Maps For Enhanced Data Visualization

by admin on June 10, 2011

Interactive Flash Maps For Enhanced Data Visualization

Flash maps provide an effective way of displaying data associated with various locations of a specified geographical location. Using interactive maps you can display geographical data distributed by category, regions or entities. These maps have become a significant part of web applications, providing users with real-time visual information about many places around the world. Interactive Maps helps users to interact with data with a simple rollover of the mouse thus making them highly customizable and user friendly.

Flash maps are more informative and interactive then conventional image maps. They offer a wide range of implications ranging from displaying demographic data, region wise census data, to displaying supply and distributor chains. They can be implemented and customized in many ways depending on how the data is to be presented to the users. For instance a travel company may use flash maps to supply information about various holiday destinations – by configuring a map in such a way that when a potential client moves the mouse cursor over certain destination, he gets to see geographical information,hotel fares about that destination. Similarly Airline companies and cargo companies may use maps for designing interactive dash- board where a potential customer specifies from and to destination by clicking on the map and then gets to know the price and other vital information.

It can help in other vertical industries as market research company, where they can present data in a more appealing way to their clients. These interactive maps can be effectively used in corporate website to help clients find location of its offices or indicate specific routes that customers should take in order to locate your place of business, increasing your sales conversions in turn.

The main reason for its popularity is the fact that building flash maps for your applications or websites is very easy and it does require to involve web designers or artists. There are many flash based mapping tools available in the market that allows lots of customization options like color,sizes, image formats. So Flash Maps are truly a great tool for dissemination of information, capable of numerous implications.

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