Importance of Data Visualization and Its Tools

by admin on May 9, 2011

Importance of Data Visualization and Its Tools

Data Visualization is very important for the growth of business and to analyze difficult data in a meaningful way. It plays a crucial role in the business field, economy and to study the different aspects of business in a simpler way. We all know that the world is changing at a rapid pace and the technology too. People are trying their level best to give a competitive edge to the business. They are always looking for better things to make the growth of their business. Today most of the people use internet to access information and most of the business are done online. So to make the growth of your business it is very important to share information among the masses in a simple and in a meaningful way.

Data visualization plays an important role in the growth of a particular company. Be it a financial sector, business firm, production firm, insurance company etc every sector uses data visualization tools and software. It is true that with the help of the software one can present the present status of the company, its growth, production, sales, profit and turnover in an elegent way. Moreover presenting the sale records of the company in a descriptive manner is really a tough task. But this can be easily done with the help of Data visualization tools and software.

Some of the most common tools used for presenting data in a meaningful and descriptive way are:

Line Graphs: Line Graphs is the most useful tool for displaying data or information that changes continuously overtime. It is very much useful for comparing set of information that change continuously with the date. It helps to present the data of various field be it industries, environment, population growth and many other in a descriptive way.

Scatter Plots: Scatter Plots helps to show the relationship between the two variables by displaying data points on two dimensional graphs. A scatter plots also known as the scatter chart can suggest various kinds of correlation between certain variables with some confidence level. It is not that the plots always show positive correlation, but it can be negative and sometimes even null. With the help of the scatter plots it becomes comparatively easier for analyzing data of two variables in an elegant way.

Bar Graphs: Bar Graphs are the excellent ways to present data that are not continuous. It helps to compare the changes that take place with the change of time. Bar graph helps in information visualization in a meaningful way at the same time it helps to present information in an elegant way with descriptive information among the masses.

Data Mapping: With the help of Data Mapping tools geographical data, research information, present situation of the market, fall and growth can be effectively displayed among the masses. This tool helps people to present data in front of others in an elegant way in his/ her own style.

There are various other tools and software that helps to present data in a meaningful way with an elegant look. There are software like heat maps software tree map, flash, podcast, .NET Dashboard Suite 3.0, Dream Board 1.0, etc which helps people in visualizing information in a meaningful way.

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