This is a list of the best data analysis software you can find on the market, you see it RAW because we didn’t take the time to put pictures and reviews jet. Come back in few days

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data analysys tool

DeltaGraph 6 highlights include:
•    user interface enhancements that complement the latest Mac OS and Windows releases
•    international text support
•    fully cross-platform document files
•    support for Pantone® and other third-party spot colors in PDF and EPS exports
•    greatly improved chart rendering quality running on Windows



Quality scientific and engineering program. Thickness line customization. The IGOR scientific graphing and data analysis program has been in active development since its introduction on Macintosh in 1988.

igor pro•   Macintosh and Windows Platforms
•   Journal-quality scientific graphs
•   3D and volume visualization
•   Flexible image display
•   Handles large data sets very quickly
•   Extensive scientific and engineering data analysis
•   Curve fitting, peak fitting
•   Signal processing
•   Image processing and image analysis
•   Special support for evenly spaced data
•   Completely programmable and customizable


AT&T Unix toolbox (Opensource)

AT & TYou are welcome to download and use the software tools appearing on AT&T Labs researchers.  Please reference the individual project web pages for specific license agreements. If an available license agreement does not meet your needs, please contact for assistance with a customized license.

In addition to the software tools available through Open Source and Non-Commercial licenses as listed on this page, AT&T has additional software and technology solutions available for licensing.



sigmaplot•   Quickly Create Exact Graphs
•   Easy Data Visualization
•   More than 100 2-D and 3-D Graph Types
•   Customize Every Detail of your Charts and Graphs
•   Quickly Plot your Data from Existing Graph Templates
•   Publish your Charts and Graphs Anywhere
•   Share High-Quality Graphs on the Web
•   Delivers the data analysis tools you need to draw solid conclusions
•   Data Analysis Doesn’t Get Any Easier
•   Use SigmaPlot within Microsoft Excel
•   Use the Regression Wizard to fit data easily and accurately
•   Plot ANY Mathematical Function
•   Maximize your Productivity with Automation
•   Automate Complex Repetitive Tasks
•   Tap into SigmaPlot’s Powerful Capabilities from Other Application



cordaPopChart can be used to create your data visualization solutions, including graphs, charts, and enterprise dashboards. Here’s how:

With PopChart, the leading Java-based graphing tool, users can enable dynamic and interactive chart-based graphing and reporting within company-specific applications, via web-based browsers, or Internet-enabled devices. Show your graphs in web pages using several different PopChart supported formats, including: Flash, SVG, PNG, TIFF and others for compelling visual displays. PopChart connects to virtually any data source, from databases to spreadsheets, and because we work with any web application server, it easily communicates using HTTP protocols, so it will easily integrate into your web server environment.



mathematica•   The world’s largest integrated web of mathematical capabilities and algorithms.
•   Industrial-strength numeric, from instant computations to heavy number crunching.
•   Fully integrated, specialist technical functionality.
•   One-stop solution for data acquisition, processing, analysis, and visualization.
•   Uniquely integrated graphics and powerful visualization.
•   The uniquely powerful symbolic language that is the foundation for Mathematica.
•   Dynamic interactive computing and instant interface building
•   Immediate deployment for all scales
•   Streamlined work flow, from concept to results



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