Graph Maker online

Google Online graph maker

The most powerful free instrument to create stunning graphs is Google Online Graph Maker

Charts supported:

  1. bar chartsonline graph maker
  2. box charts
  3. Candlestick Charts
  4. Compound Charts
  5. Dynamic Icons
  6. Formulas
  7. Google-O-Meter Charts
  8. GraphViz Charts (Experimental)
  9. Line Charts
  10. Map Charts
  11. Pie Charts
  12. QR Codes
  13. Radar Charts
  14. Scatter Charts
  15. Venn Charts

We strongly recommend using the Google Graph Maker along with this article due to learning curve and all the options that oft confuses many users.

This is a short brief of the graph types and options currently supported.
Once we click on the Chart wizard link, we will choose our graph type through a really intuitive menu.

graph maker online menu

First thing first, every online graph maker in this section has different options (like for example Pie Chart where the graph maker asks you to choose 3D or 2D style).

project name, main color and font size

pretty self explanatory

This is the most important part of our online graph maker.graph maker online data

Through this section is possible to import data in three different encoding formats:
– Basic text format
This format includes floating point numbers from 0 to 100.
Use this format if you are thinking to enter your data manually.
– Simple Data
integer values between 0 and 61, encoded by a single alphanumeric characters.
you can convert them here (
– Extended Data
through this format you can specify integer values from 0 to 4095, encoded  by alphanumeric characters
A—Z, where A = 0, B = 1, and so on, to Z = 25
a—z, where a = 26, b = 27, and so on, to z = 51
0(zero)—9, where 0 = 52 and 9 = 61

[Data Style]
in this section of the graph maker online is possible to move the legend around (left, right, top, bottom)

data representation style

embedding online graph maker[Fills]
you can specify the colors and the transparency level of the background of your graph here

Another interesting aspect of this software is the possibility to embed you graph simply by pasting the output code onto you website and this meas you can dynamic produce graphs as well using the right syntax and with a little knowledge of javascript.

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