Flash Charting – An Insight Into Implementation of Flash Technology For Data Visualization

by admin on May 26, 2011

Flash Charting – An Insight Into Implementation of Flash Technology For Data Visualization

Flash Charting – An Insight Into Implementation of Flash Technology For Data Visualization

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Home Page > Internet > Flash Charting – An Insight Into Implementation of Flash Technology For Data Visualization

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Flash Charting – An Insight Into Implementation of Flash Technology For Data Visualization

By: Sudhi Ranjan Das
Posted: May 05, 2009

Flash, which was originally introduced as a tool for creating animated clips for web pages has gradually attained greater functionality. It is being used for game development, creating interactive presentations, data visualization and it has been a staple web design tool for a long time. These are, but a very few examples of numerous implications of Flash. Hence, it is proper to categorize it as a development platform.

The reason behind the phenomenal success of Flash is ActionScript, Flash’s very own programming language. With each successive release of Flash, ActionScript has become increasingly powerful and today ActionScript powers some very complex applications.

Implementation of Flash for data visualization may be regarded as one of the most ingenious implication of Flash technology. The advantage of Flash based data visualization tools such as Flash charts is that, they are capable of offering high impact graphical representation of data and enhanced client-side interactivity, in relatively small file size.

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Today, Flash developers are posed with a challenge to come up with applications that can make full utilization of Flash’s ability to integrate with other technologies. Consequently there are very few Flash applications which utilize Flash’s potential to full extent. It must be noted that, some Flash based data visualization tools make optimal use of Flash’s properties, by imbibes all that Flash has to offer. Flash based charting tool not only harnesses the full power of ActionScript, they also makes full use of Flash’ s ability to integrate with other technologies.

Flash charting tools enable rendering of animated and interactive charts in web pages, the rendering is done by SWF files which accept data and configuration settings in custom XML format. Some Flash Charting solutions provide an extensive range of API’s which facilitates integration of the Flash SWF’s with server-side    programming technologies such as PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion etc. Implementation of Flash charts in conjunction with server-side technologies offers the benefit of rendering charts based on, dynamic data (data retrieved from database).

Since Flash charting tools allow intricate customization of charts aesthetics, they offer an immense scope to web designers, allowing them to come up with great designs. Flash charting has revolutionized the field of dashboard designing, and Flash charting tools such as FusionCharts are empowering web designers to set new benchmarks.

Sudhi Ranjan Das – About the Author:

To Learn more about incorporating Flash Charts in your Web and desktop applications visit Fusion Charts


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