FAQ Software

by admin on August 28, 2011

FAQ Software

FAQ Software provides you a simple method of gathering; managing and organizing knowledge about the FAQ (frequently asked questions). For a database learner, FAQ Software’s, instinctive interface & ready-to-use FAQ management solution makes it simple to use and set up. For an expert user, FAQ Software’s database management-system, affords the simplicity of wizards that makes it simple to set up & use FAQ database solutions that are formed by you. Advantages and Tour of FAQ Software: Ready-to-use, Simple: The user friendly interface and ready-to-use database template lets you quickly and easily organize your FAQ’s (frequently asked questions). Quick access of FAQ information: Nearly in any which way, information could be easily viewed and accessed. Table viewer allows you to viewing the FAQ information in columns and rows. Browser viewer allows you to viewing information using the browser viewer. Standard-Record Viewer allows you to easily modifying and enter the FAQ information and also well quickly forms data-specific commands. Simply manages information: The HTML Generator and Report wizard lets you in creating the FAQ reports, web pages, summaries. Adaptable productive instrument: By using the help program you could easily modify the FAQ database template. With the help of FAQ Software, database management-solution of your own could be generated. It also helps you to organize your records and save time. FAQ Software has database templates that are ready to be utilized at any time. Databases: FAQ detailed, FAQ-basic, glossary. If the template that is already been generated is not as your requirement, you could easily generate a new one. FAQ-Detailed database-solution includes of the following fields: Title, description, category, notes, answer, IF number, revision date, record creation-date, status, keywords, and three custom-data fields. Replace, find: The find function assists you in locating the FAQ records that have the information you’re searching for. With FAQ Software you’re able of locating a piece-of-text in any of the fields with the ability of going over the next record filling the criterion of your finding. Printing reports: The report wizard permits you to generate professionally and quality looking records, summaries, FAQ reports. Settings of FAQ report could be saved to a template for using it again in the future. Alter, Enter information: FAQ Software permits you to easily alter, access, insert records and generate data-specific commands such as, send e-mail message, start spell-checker, insert picture, dial phone-number, send URL-address to a browser, etc. Filter records: Numerous FAQ records that are shown in the FAQ software could be restricted. Criterion could be specified for one or several fields. For filtering, if more criterions are specified than there are great possibilities of obtaining the selection of records that are of interest. Filter FAQ-database. Categorizing of FAQ records: With FAQ Software, records could be sorted for any fields, e.g. FAQ category, title, entry date, status, revision date, etc. Statistics, Graph, Summary: A PrĂ©cis of FAQ records in database could easily give some insight about distribution of information. Demonstration of graphs can make it easier to clasp the overall picture and find out trends in the information. Backup databases: There are several helpful functions that allow you to protecting your FAQ-database. Customize, Personalize: Various choices allow you in setting up your own personal preferences. From one single page you could easily access all those settings. HTML Wizard: It helps you in create a set of linked web pages that could contain anything from professionally designed web-catalogs to simple FAQ-reports. Wish to have more information on characteristics and advantages of FAQ Software, please visit FAQ Software and Knowledge Management Software Solution at web-site-scripts.com

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