Divorce Software For Divorce Lawyers

by admin on October 13, 2011

Divorce Software For Divorce Lawyers

When a client visits a divorce lawyer with divorce on his mind, he wants immediate answers to several questions before deciding to handover the case. If a lawyer were to start calculations of the financial implications, it would take a long time. If he uses divorce software he can simply input the client’s income, his spouse’s income, net disposable income desired and the ages of their children. The software automatically calculates alimony, tax liabilities, net disposable incomes for both, child support and other data. This gives the prospective client a clear picture and helps him decide. One can imagine the implications this has for the lawyer as well since he gains clients, more cases and increases his revenues.

A divorce is more than a simple separation due to financial and legal implications. Divorce software helps in easy calculation of precise divorce settlements and several “what if” scenarios by varying the inputs. A divorce lawyer should select a software that easily delivers outputs relating to :

Tax optimized financial divorce settlement
Just and equitable distribution of liabilities and assets between the two partners after factoring in all tax implications with what if scenarios
Tax optimizes support payments of the client
Delivers court-room ready reports including graphs and charts
Output in MS word document or PDF format ready for emailing or printing

The “what if” is a wonderful feature permitting divorce lawyers explain to prospective clients the tax benefits of keeping alimony payment and child support separate. Complicating this issue of divorce is the fact that rates and laws are different in the 50 states of the US and the divorce software should have a feature enabling immediate display in respect of each state by using appropriate options, avoiding the need for long drawn out manual calculation taking all factors into consideration.

That is for the client side. For the lawyer handling the case and to some extent to the client, the fees and other incidental expenses are also factored in considering duration of the case and the probable outcome. This is one very desirable feature of a divorce software.

Armed with the software a divorce lawyer can expertly negotiate divorce financial settlement to the best advantage of his client after considering all related scenarios and tax implications through the software and use the most appropriate one to resolve the issue. Tools in the software permit easy output of graphs, charts and reports that are easily understood by both parties, paving the way for a negotiated settlement. Even otherwise, if the case should go to court, the reports and charts can be used as trial exhibits for speedy resolution.

Clients are happy with the outcome, lawyers process cases faster and have more turnover with a capacity to do more and better with less effort, all through choosing and using the right divorce software.

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