Clinic Management Software for indoor Management

by admin on April 3, 2011

Clinic Management Software for indoor Management

Clinic Management Software

Clinic Management Software is among the most advanced medical management systems available today for indoor Management. Its user-friendly interface and extensible design make the perfect practice management system for medical practices and Integrated Delivery Networks. It is fastest, easiest way to review, graph, report, and analyze your clinical data, easy to implement, easy to use, improves the productivity, simplifies patient record keeping, streamlines billing, improves cash flow, has extraordinary expansion capabilities and much, much more.

Modern healthcare scenario is a unique synthesis of technology, doctor and patient. The availability and use of medical software technology in clinical decision support was inadequate. However, the latest development in technology including mobile communication and high speed internet connectivity opens up a golden opportunity. Proper integration of these technologies with appropriate medical software can revolutionize the healthcare delivery models globally.

One of the undesirable consequences has been the increasing distance and loss of communication between the patient and the doctor. Information technology can be one of the several newer tools that could help to bridge this gap. Health industry can learn from the experiences of other sectors like microfinance and businesses to reach out to the people at the grass root level.

SoftClinic  Software is fairly accurate, user friendly and has high potential to not only improve efficiency in providing clinical care but also to improve quality of health care. The program is developed in flexible computing platform that can be migrated to mobile technology. Since mobile communication technology is becoming universal, Clinical management system can be made available to the doctors and health practitioners anywhere in the world.

In addition, Clinical Management Software can be linked to any electronic medical records so that it can be integrated into the normal patient flow stages- history taking, vitals signs, examination and lab test- and the data entered can be used as inputs for the program based on which differential diagnosis is generated. This will increase the possibility of making a more accurate diagnosis. Equally important is the ability of the software to provide instant access (with one or two clicks) to relevant medical literature which would normally require 15-20 minutes of extra time and disruption of work flow and possibly patient dissatisfaction.

Clinic management Software in a Hospital would require to very precise and must result into cost cutting and efficient management. We have developed this revolutionary product” Clinic Management Software” is very accurate in its approach and suit all environments including large, medium or Mini Hospital. The crucial points that “SoftClinic Software emphasis on are listed in the following paragraphs which in turn justify your purchase.

You will require less number of Staff to cater more patients in same time or even less. You would have the choice to re-deploy them at other suitable locations.
Clinic Management Software not only provides an opportunity to the General Physician in mini hospital to enhance their patient care but also can increase the profitability of the organization.
Clinic Management Software would enable hospitals to serve the rapidly growing number of health care consumers in a cost-effective manner.
Hospital administrators would be able to significantly improve the operational control and thus streamline operations.
This would enable to improve the response time to the demands of patient care because it automates the process of collecting, collating and retrieving patient information.
The senior Doctors would spend his precious time more in clinical activities than to put in clerical activities otherwise.
This software interface would also save them a lot of time for special jobs only.
Accounting sometimes becomes awfully pathetic and complex. This product will eliminate any such complexity, since the retrieval of information through its MIS will become virtually on the tip of your fingers.
Very important for some, the reduced cost of the manpower would pay for the cost of this product within a short time after its implementation.

Personally I would suggest exploring SoftClinic Software as it has all the above functionalities.

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