Business Reporting: Chart and Graph

by admin on November 17, 2010

Business reporting isn’t necessarily simple. Too frequently we will get swamped down in paper work and long, exhaustive reports that offer completely too much info. If you find yourself caught in this trap of making long uninteresting reports that no-one wants to read then maybe it’s time you get a new way to present your observations. Ever heard about a business intelligence tool? Possibilities are you have not and that’s O.K. Quite truthfully, it is fairly simple. A business intelligence tool is a tool that permits you to present info in a perceptive and significant demeanour.

One such business intelligence tool that permits you to do this is commonly known as a dashboard. A dashboard is just a way of displaying information.

There are a selection of different sorts of business dashboards you can use to show the information assembled in your reports.

The dashboard helps this process by making it easy to convert info into charts and graphs. When you display info in charts and graphs it is simpler to grasp and translate the info. In turn this makes the business reporting process that much easier and suggestive.

You can offer the data you have analyzed to your supervisor in a far more efficient demeanour than a fifty page report. Rather, you must pass the time investigating the numbers and cooking up a short display using charts and graphs like a pie graph to present your discoveries on business aspects like the most recent changes in share of the market. Actually, your manager would much rather take a quick look at a pie graph and visually see how your share of the market has grown while the competition’s piece of the pie has shrunk. Thru a dashboard, making better usage of a chart and graph is totally practicable. As an example you could depend on a pie graph to show the way in which the % costs of different parts of your product compares. Such a pie graph could aid you in simply identifying the element costs that are out of line with the all the others. With this data in hand you may then make the correct advice to your administrator. He will appreciate the visible illustration of the part costs displayed by the pie graph, and will definitely be much more likely to reply to your suggestions. In this way the business reporting process can be simplified and improved, thru the effective utilising of a great business intelligence tool like a management dashboard. The incorporation of the visible aspect into your temporary report, like charts and graphs, will prove more valuable and handy to your administrator. So next time you’ve got to prepare a report, think out of the box and electrify your chief by taking merit of educational charts and pie graphs to support your suggestions.

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