About Data or Information Visualization

by admin on March 21, 2011

About Data or Information Visualization

Today is the era of fast technology. New technologies are invented. Technologies are growing fast like wild fire. People are also being addicted to modern technologies. As a result of fast technological progress, the amount of information that is saved in computers multiplies very fast. According to a research from known university, about 1000 petabytes of information or data is generated and a large portion of data is available in digital form or saved in computer and other modern storage tools. In this modern era, computers typically record even simple transactions of daily life for example paying by debit cards or credit cards, online shopping payments, internet banking transactions, using telephone, etc. You know? These data are collected. Business men believe that it is a very important and potential source of important information. They believe that these data many provide a competitive lead and advantage.

But finding the useful and valuable information hidden is the data available is also a challenging task. In fact it is a difficult task where people have to make tired their mind. But people can make it easy. People can find out useful and valuable information hidden in the data available easily with little effort in vary and vary easy way. Do you known what is the process? First think about your school days. Have you ever used PowerPoint Presentation or Excel on your computers or computer labs? Have you ever used graphs, bullets, pie charts, etc in your mathematics home works? Your answer is certainly yes. Then yes, you can find out useful information from your date by data analysis tools and prepare useful, effective, speaking and impressive information using Information Visualization techniques. Yes, such techniques are indispensable to solving problem of gathering useful information and presenting information effectively.

In this technique, information is presented through the use of simple graphics, videos, bar charts, pie charts, x-y plots, bullets and other attributes. The process of visual presentation of data or information works more effective than of simple write ups or speech. Many of working people have to prepare weekly, monthly and annual reports of their works and present them to their bosses. This technique of information visualisation is boon to those people. Sales persons, marketing executives, managers, etc all use the technique of information or data visualization. Flash chart, flash map, flash graph, visual ads, etc are kinds of new visualization techniques. Maps, markets reports, payroll, budget reports, sales report, work reports, market reports, inventory reports, etc can be effectively prepared with data analyzing tools and visualization software or tools.

Today data visualisation tools have been taken on as normal practice by businesses and individuals like warehouses, airlines, superstores, shopping complex, warehouses, financials institutions, banks, students, teachers, parents and even children. There are several software and tools available in the market today useful in visualizing data and gathering useful and helpful information. Such kind of software and tools provide handy information easy to understand and easy to present. So, if you too want to make your data manageable you should use data analyzing and visualization tools.

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